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Youth Classes

Today is a great day to let your child discover the wonderful world of dance!

VZ Dance Studios offers weekly group classes and private instruction for kids of all ages. We work closely with parents to create a fun, productive and rewarding experience that allows each child to develop and grow individually. 


Dance is an exciting way for children to develop important social skills that lead to success both at school and throughout their lives.  Whether your children are learning to dance for fun or want to compete we have a program to help them achieve their goals.

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Drop-in Price

1- 45min Class


Monthly Tuition

1 Class a week   .......    $59/mo.

2 Classes a week  .......  $118/mo.

3 Classes a week   ....... $176/mo.

4 Classes a week   ...... $234/mo.

Unlimited Classes ...... $300/mo.

Private Lessons  ......  85/Lesson

      Not enrolled in group classes

Private Lessons ......  75/Lesson

     Enrolled in Group Classes

Private Lessons

We offer multiple package options for our youth students. Allowing them to have a combination of both private lessons and group classes.

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Kid's Class Schedule


Self-expression is an important part of a developing child’s life. VZ Dance Studio allows our young students to display their talents in our Spring and Winter Showcases.

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VZ Dance Studio provides Group and Private dance classes for children 5 years and older. Each class focuses on Latin, Classic Ballroom, and Ballet dances.  These dance classes are a stepping stone towards competitive dancing, or Dancesport, and are a great confidence builder.

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